Sunday, 7 August 2011

Salvo Dirt Jam 2011

Thats a rap on the 2011 Salvo Jam. It was an awesome event I pretty much filmed all day. So if you missed it or you just wanna soak up the awesomeness again, here is the video!

This is the result after qualifying where the top 5 in each class dueled it out for top spot.

Pro Best Run

Malcolm Peters
David Rigby
Jason Hood
Buddy Chellan
Wayne Reiche

Ams Best Run

Johan Moolman
Nick Vorster
Morgan O' Kennedy
Carl Friebus
Lawrence Coetzee

MTB Best Run

Nic the German
Roman Kumpers
Geoffrey Bryant
Julian de Marigny
Johnty Human

Best Trick - Malcolm Peters

Best Table Top - Werner Mathee

Best Tuck No Hander - Lawrence Coetzee

Highest Air - Malcolm and David tied

Best Turndown - David Rigby

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