Friday, 29 April 2011


Just a quick one of Moe that I tweaked a bit. You like?

Hubert vd Merwe Bike Check.

Had a short dirt session with Hubert in Somerset a little while back and just snapped a few pics of his bike.

Frame: Fit Dehart v1
Bars: S&M Hoders
Forks: primo kamakaze v1
Grips: primo og
Stem: fit s3
seat: fit
post: fit
rear wheel: primo mix 9t with primo spokes and balance rim. v monster 2.10 tyre
front wheel: primo hub with primo spokes and hula hoop rim. fit 2.25 tyre
cranks: primo powerbites
pedals: fit pc
sprocket: primo analog 25t
chain: kmc
pegs: tree

Saturday, 23 April 2011

30 Deep Street Ride.

This was quite the session. Once again James got a bunch of guys together for a street mission.He made a facebook event and about 30 guys showed up at H-street on Friday. The mission was full of action!

Moe - tailwhip

Nic Vorster with a sweet turndown!

Not quite BMX. But Eric is more involved in the Cape Town BMX scene than most BMXers!

Killian - Tbog

Werner did this so many times for the camera. slow manual on a skinny curved wall,with a tuck no hander at the end!

This stood out amongst all of the tricks that went down on Friday. I would of been impressed if Johan just hopped over it, but I guess a 180 is cool too.

Killian - toothpick

If I'm not mistaken this guys name is Tucker,and he had some cool moves,like this table.

This rail claimed a few guys in the crew. Next time boys...

Such a rad spot. People walking past were getting stoked on seeing a bunch of guys doing tricks on this bank. This picture is my favourite from the session.Werner - downside whip.

Monday, 18 April 2011


So I'm back at school after the super short holiday and haven't been able to ride much this week.When Malcolm built up his new frame he was dying for a quick ramp session. The sun was going down fast but we still rode and I took my camera out as soon as I noticed the fire was still burning on the Helderburg mountain. If you look on the right of the castle you can see the red flames, scary stuff!


 Flair...Part of the average session.

And to end off a spooky looking vader jam with flames in the backround. Have a sick week!

Thursday, 14 April 2011

Town mission.

So while in Cape Town I also got to go on a street mission with some of the local street riders. We all met at H-street, which is where I'm told most missions start. It's a fun spot with benches to grind and stairs plus a manual pad setup. James led us from there to some other cool spots.
Werner and Brandon- duel 3's

Bazil - whip

 Brandon making a shout out to his sponser. The riot

James - Opposite feeble 180

Werner - no hander

James - fakie hop

So the last spot we ended up at was this cool ledge to bank. the bank was much steeper than it looks!

Nic -  Turdown

 Werner - No hander

 Werner - 360

 Werner - Table

Werner killed this spot! - wallride.

Sunday, 10 April 2011


This park is a lot of fun and usually only has BMXers sessioning.I arrived at Nics place on Thursday and we headed to the park for an afternoon sesh.
 Good view of what Gen-X has to offer.

Jacques Mulder busting out!

Nic vorster - footjam

 Me, enjoying one of my favourite parts of the park.

Jacques again - wallride to table

Nic again - Ruben wallride

Jacques - downside

Saturday, 9 April 2011

Weekend in the city

So I stayed with Nic Vorster for a weekend and got to experience a bit of life in town, sessioning the park and going on street missions with the boys. Nic is talented on his bike and with a video camera, so we made this edit of what we got up to.

I also have lots of pics from the park and street. So expect some cool shots later this week!

Weekenders edit with Nicholas Vorster and Kevin Schnider from Nicholas Vorster on Vimeo.

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

The eggs have hatched.

So where is the best place to check out all of South Africa's best BMX action? (besides GB BMX of course!)

BMeggs is where its at! sicks photos from in and around the cape town area. get some!

Monday, 4 April 2011


Just one of Moe from a recent session. This spot is becoming quite a nice warm up spot before street sessions. Its a church near the beach in Strand. has lots of cool lines!
sweet manual to whip. space was tight so I couldn't get the whole line in the shot. I'm working on getting a fisheye or wide angle soon!